Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1- What is "Lost in Nature"?


    "Lost in Nature" (short "LIN") is a computer game. In this game, you are a shipwrecked on a lonely island. Your goal is to survive and escape this island.

  • 2- Which platforms are supported?


    We develop LIN for Windows and Mac. Further plantforms can be follow.

  • 3- Which languages are supported?


    We develop LIN as a multilingual game. LIN support english and german (switzerland) out of the box and other languages can follow. The community is able to translate LIN in every required language, because we offer this option.
    Basically, we communicate on websites and social media in english. We can not give any details about possible spoken monologues in the game.

  • 4- What are the system requirements?


    You find the system requirements at the shop site in steam.

  • 5- I have a good idea to improve LIN, how do I best communicate it?


    Check our community here.

  • 6- How much does the game cost?


    You find the price at the shop site in steam.

About Us

Moongate Digital is a newcomer indie game development studio. We currently work on you project "Lost in Nature". LIN is a realistic survival simulation.

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